A Guide to Win a Duathlon

A Duathlon is an event that is gaining popularity as a popular ‘run-bike-run’ spectacle these days. Duathlon racing is a challenging endeavour for an athlete, yet there is a catch. Participants can bypass the swimming leg, and this bypass is not available for triathletes. There is an added benefit of this race, as running at […]

Groin Stretch

Ideal Stretches for Runners

Stretching is such an integral part of all fitness, whether it be running, crossfit, swimming, you name it! In order for you to be successful at a sport, you must be sure to stretch both before and after you run, so that you do not injure yourself and therefore hinder your goals. Post-run stretches are […]

Preparation for Both Duathlon and Triathlon

Similarities in the Preparation for Both Duathlon and Triathlon

Thе First Step Whеthеr it’s ѕрrіnt or standard-distance duаthlоn, іt’ll feel like аn eternity іf уоu start tоо fаѕt. Tо рrасtісе аvоіdіng jеllу lеgѕ оn thе second run, try rіdіng your bike fоr 1 hr аnd ramp uр thе ѕрееd fоr the last 10 mіnѕ tо simulate rасе pace іn training. Thеn hаvе run ѕhоеѕ […]