All About Duathlons in The United Kingdom

"With regards of two sporting, precisely racing or running – duathlon, the UK could not be left out. In fact, it will be so unfair to mention probably 20 countries in the entire whole world that are good in duathlon without making mention of the UK."

Numerous Records Suddenly Fall In The Marathon

Numerous Records Suddenly Fall In The Marathon

As is so often the case in sport, a new technical development in the marathon has led to shorter and shorter times. A carbon plate in the shoe is responsible for this. One record after another fell in recent years. A new shoe triggered this boom from the American sporting goods manufacturer Nike. The World […]

The Most Common Duathlon Injuries

The Most Common Duathlon Injuries

People who are seriously involved in duathlon push their bodies to the limit as this is a very challenging sport. However, human beings are not machines, and our bodies have their breaking point. In this sport, injuries are common and quite possible. During the training and races, different groups of muscles must be working very […]

Adding A Tune-Up Race to Your Marathon Training Schedule

Marathons are one of the toughest competitions in all of athletics. The stamina and strength required in running a marathon are unimaginable for someone who has never run a marathon before. It’s not just the physical fitness that you need to run a marathon, but also the mental strength is equally important. You can’t run […]

When You Need A Physical Therapist or A Chiro

If you are someone who just started running or you’ve been going on runs for years, you have probably had to deal with pains and aches in your muscles. You can treat those pains and aches yourself by stretching, resting, or doing exercises in your own home. But most of the time, you should try […]

How Old Should A Child be To Run A Marathon

Marathons are famous for their reputation as incredibly testing competitions. It can test the psychological and the physical strengths of a person and their ability to push ahead even when they lost their stamina and energy a couple of miles ago. These competitions or races consists of an extremely long-distance race. The official distance of […]

Hydration and Its Importance in A Marathon

Going on a run in the summer is difficult. Summer brings an increase in humidity and temperature, which will make you feel like you’d need to breathe water instead of air even when you go on an easy run. When the weather is warmer, you will be sweating more, and the volume of your blood […]

A Guide to Win a Duathlon

A Duathlon is an event that is gaining popularity as a popular ‘run-bike-run’ spectacle these days. Duathlon racing is a challenging endeavour for an athlete, yet there is a catch. Participants can bypass the swimming leg, and this bypass is not available for triathletes. There is an added benefit of this race, as running at […]

Running a Marathon is A Mind Thing – Motivation for Runners

Those who prefer a sport for their fitness and health needs often look at runners in the wonder of how they manage to stay focused in monotony. The truth is that when you look at running a marathon, it requires a unique mindset. A mind that tells the runner to keep pushing on despite pain […]

Things You Should Never Do on Race-day

Imagine it’s race week, and you’re super pumped, nervous, and you are finally ready to put your efforts of practicing and training to the test. You are filled with all this pent-up energy and adrenaline from training and want to give your race its best shot. There is a huge turmoil, thought on what you […]

Do You Need a Running Coach

Running is the most basic form of exercise that comes to humans naturally. You can see kids running around without any assistance or motivation. As we grow older, we stop running until we decide to do it regularly for the sake of our health. People run according to their ability and with time, keep improving […]

How Children Can Become Successful Triathletes

Triathlons have been becoming more popular for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They are sporting events that make use of three strenuous physical activities – swimming, running, and cycling. Participants must take time and effort to prepare intensively for these competitions. However, adults are not the only ones that could prepare and take on the challenge […]