The Most Common Duathlon Injuries

The Most Common Duathlon Injuries

People who are seriously involved in duathlon push their bodies to the limit as this is a very challenging sport. However, human beings are not machines, and our bodies have their breaking point. In this sport, injuries are common and quite possible. During the training and races, different groups of muscles must be working very […]


A Guide to Win a Duathlon

A Duathlon is an event that is gaining popularity as a popular ‘run-bike-run’ spectacle these days. Duathlon racing is a challenging endeavour for an athlete, yet there is a catch. Participants can bypass the swimming leg, and this bypass is not available for triathletes. There is an added benefit of this race, as running at […]


Do You Need a Running Coach

Running is the most basic form of exercise that comes to humans naturally. You can see kids running around without any assistance or motivation. As we grow older, we stop running until we decide to do it regularly for the sake of our health. People run according to their ability and with time, keep improving […]