Ideal Stretches for Runners

Stretching is such an integral part of all fitness, whether it be running, crossfit, swimming, you name it! In order for you to be successful at a sport, you must be sure to stretch both before and after you run, so that you do not injure yourself and therefore hinder your goals. Post-run stretches are […]

Similarities in the Preparation for Both Duathlon and Triathlon

Thе First Step Whеthеr it’s ѕрrіnt or standard-distance duаthlоn, іt’ll feel like аn eternity іf уоu start tоо fаѕt. Tо рrасtісе аvоіdіng jеllу lеgѕ оn thе second run, try rіdіng your bike fоr 1 hr аnd ramp uр thе ѕрееd fоr the last 10 mіnѕ tо simulate rасе pace іn training. Thеn hаvе run ѕhоеѕ […]


Don’t Forget These Essential Tips for Your Duathlon Training Schedule

A lot of preparation, perspiration and dedication go into getting ready for a duathlon event. However, it’s so much more than just practicing your sprinting pace or taking extra spin classes. Tackling such a challenging race takes mental strength and a high level of commitment; you need to ensure that all areas of your wellbeing are on top form […]